Window Covering Manufacturing of America is planning on implementing new safety standards December 15, 2018.  What this means for consumers is that most window covering products sold in retail stores or online are “stock” products.  Meaning that the products are manufactured prior to being distributed in commerce, that product can be sold as is or cut down to size at the store.  This product will no longer be available for consumers to purchase due to safety hazards with cords.

As an industry window covering manufactures have been changing to cordless and motorized shades for the last few years.  Manufacturers are no longer willing to take the liability or risk that a child or pet would be caught in the cords. At this time, cordless products do not meet all the needs and desires of all consumers, including the elderly and users with disabilities. So custom made shades and blinds will not be required to adhere to the new regulations.  But the WCMA is creating a task force this month to address what else can be done to further enhance safety on custom corded products.

We at Ambiance Home Interiors strive first and foremost for child and pet safety.  Starting this month, we will highly discourage any product that could put anyone in harms way.  If you are in need of cord cleats for your older blinds, we can order them for free and have them shipped directly to your home. If you are concerned and want a consultation regarding cordless options for your shades and blinds we can be reached by email or phone.

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You can also get more information on the Window Covering Safety Council’s ongoing national public education campaign, visit