Furniture add the most impact to a room and there are options for every budget and lifestyle. From sofas, chairs, dining rooms or bedrooms we have the furniture that can transform your home.

Quality materials combined with quality craftsmanship result in a piece of furniture you will enjoy with family for years to come.

Choosing the right furniture for a family room or living room we should look at fabric, function and style. Using a family friendly stain resistant fabric for growing families or pet friendly families is a must. Fabrics can also include leather, faux suede, velvets, cotton and wool. All of these fabrics can be brought into your space to create texture, allure and comfort. You will want to have the best warrantee for the frame of your furniture. Many of our manufacturers carry a life time on frames and 5 years on the cushions. Your box store furniture only gives you a one year on frame and cushions. With little or no added savings on purchasing price.

Choosing the right furniture for a dining room or breakfast table we should look at finding a well- built table. Quality is number one in this space. You can inherit a family heirloom table that has seen many a holiday feast or starting your own new family, this is where your family is most likely to gather. Chairs can vary in style and materials. Whether you like the upholstered look or a heavy solid wood look we can help create a space for all your family and friends to gather for the next birthday party or holiday.

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Bedroom furniture should be welcoming and calming. This is where you are going to love laying your head down for a good night sleep. Custom upholstered headboards with nail head trim or a solid wood frame for durability is the first place to start with this area. We then can decide on pieces like dressers or wardrobes for added storage space.

At Ambiance Home Interiors we can create a space for sitting, entertaining or comfortable sleeping. Let one of our designers help you with maximizing your space and making the perfect room for you.

Let Ambiance Home Interiors maximize your space and make the perfect nesting spot for your family to curl up on with a good book. Furniture adds the most impact to a room and there are options for every budget and lifestyle. From sofa’s, chairs, dining room or bedroom furniture we can help transform your home. We carry many manufacturers like Norwalk, Rowe, Moes and Harden to name a few. For the budget conscious we carry Uttermost, great quality for reasonable prices.