Hunter Douglas Sheers and Shadings

Sheers and shadings offer adjustable veins between sheer fabrics allowing the soft glow of daylight through the sheers, total privacy when the veins are tilted closed. These products are one of the most versatile products on the market today.

Luminette Privacy Sheers are an exclusive Hunter Douglas Sheers and Shadings product that is perfect for sliding doors or large expansive windows. Modern and classic in one window covering, this product marries the beauty of sheers with the privacy of draperies. Rotating vertical veins allow you to diffuse harsh exterior light while letting in a soft glow to enter your room. Soft sheer fabric covers the vein to give you a clear view to the outside when in the open position, while keeping the harmful UV effects from entering your room.

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Shadings such as Silhouette’s and Nantucket’s give you the ability to bring unique textures, sophisticated colors and style to your window coverings. They have a horizontal vein that gives you the option to complete privacy to a filtered view to the outdoor. With the ability to raise the shade to the full open position, concealing it into a headrail, giving you a full window view to the outdoors or lowering with the veins open giving your furniture and flooring 75% UV protection from harmful sun damage.

Hunter Douglas Sheers and Shadings

This product comes in several different vein sizes ranging from 2” to 4”, allowing you to have more view to the outdoors with the larger vein size. Or if it is covering a small French door in a bedroom the smaller vein is better suited for this application.
Other manufacturers have knock off’s, Hunter Douglas is simply the best for quality and warranties. Remember you get what you pay for.
Let one of our designers come to your home to show you how to make both of these products work for you.

Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy sheers are a perfect solution for your sliding doors or dining rooms. Luminettes helps give you privacy, while giving you the privacy you desire.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette and Nantucket’s feature soft adjustable fabrics between to sheer panels. This diffuses harsh light and give UV protection to your flooring and furniture.

Both the Luminette and Silhouette’s have coordinating fabrics for a whole house solution of sheers and shadings.