Draperies and valances and fabric

When you are selecting fabric for draperies, valances and upholstery it can be overwhelming with color choices, style and materials choices. These statement pieces can make your room but only if chosen correctly. At Ambiance Home Interiors we have over 30 years of experience to help you find the right solution for your home.

Your draperies and valances project

Color choices or schemes should be the first thing we choose. We will look at wall color, flooring, area rugs, art and find a subtle color that will blend with the furnishings and keep your space open. Or we can choose a bold pattern or color to make the WOW statement for your room.

Style of the drapery is important as well, this dictates whether your space is formal, informal, traditional or modern. With so many choices we will help you choose pleated, grommet, ripple fold, lined or unlined draperies to pull all of the elements of your room together.


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Pricing for fabric can vary greatly, so we need to set a price for the project so we can bring you the best quality fabric your budget will allow. Style of the drapery is also a factor when deciding on pricing. Some styles require fullness to achieve the inspiration for your room.

Material choices can make the difference of how well your curtains, valances or upholstery hold up over the years. Silk, faux silk, linen, velvets and blends are some of the choices we will have to make for your project. We know how they work with the style and orientation into the room.

With so many choices you may find yourself overwhelmed. Ambiance Home Interiors has the right solutions to help make your house a home. Let one of our designers come to your home to help start making your dreams come true.


With offices located in Erie Colorado Ambiance Home Designs has been serving clients all over the front range. From Denver to the mountains we are here to help you select the right draperies and valances. Let’s chat 303-349-6268.

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