Hunter Douglas Roman Shades

It is no secret at Ambiance Home Interiors, we LOVE using fabric. Custom Roman shades and Woven Natural Shades are the perfect design element for any room. Roman shades can be made from any fabric, cotton, linen, silk, sheers we can customize any fabric for your home.

Hunter Douglas Roman shades come in a variety of styles to choose from. They also can be made to fit most specialty shaped windows for those hard to cover windows.
Flat roman is the most classic and popular style available. The folds are uniform when raised, stacking in the window like a valance but giving you privacy when in the closed position. This style is ideal for French doors or shallow windows.

Folded or Hobbled Romans are ideal for more elegant rooms. The soft folds overlap creating a more traditional feel. These shades require more window depth, when the shade is raised there is more fabric stacked at the top of the window.

European Roman Shades are very versatile they can be used in a modern loft or a traditional dining room. They are simple, unfussy and will work well in almost any window setting. They slightly bow at the bottom but can be raised in the window to create a valance for your enjoyment.

Woven Natural Shades can transform your room with a touch of nature. Crafted from natural fibers like bamboo, jute and grasses the textures are endless. Layering the woven woods with draperies are a perfect way to customize your room.

Edge banding can be a great choice for your roman shades or woven woods. We place a 2” fabric banding along the sides and bottom of the shade to create texture and a touch of class to your shades.

Lifting systems range from cordless to Powerview battery operated. Traditionally we use cordless so that when using this product in children’s rooms there are not the worries of cords to get caught in. Over bathtubs or hard to reach windows the Powerview is a practical choice. You can operate your shade from a remote anchored on the wall next to the shade for convenience.

Linings will be another option that we will have. Blackout linings for bedrooms are ideal, we can line a sheer fabric with another sheer giving you privacy and light for bathrooms. There are even rain repellent linings encase you forget to close the window.

With so many options to choose from let one of our expert window covering designers show you the perfect solution for your home.

Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman shades have an exclusive fabrics and rich textures to offer you both light filtering or room darkening options.

Custom Roman shades can be made from almost any fabric and can be made in a variety of styles. Custom Roman shades can be made in specialty shapes for those hard to cover windows. Choose from cotton, silk or linen fabrics to customize your home.