Creamed Corn with Polenta
8 cups frozen corn kernels
3-4 TBSP Polenta
3 Cups milk
6 cooked bacon slices or bacon bits
1 small diced sautéed onion or 3 TBSP dried onion
¼ Tsp cayenne pepper
1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese
1 package of French-Fried Onions

Add all ingredients except Monterey Jack cheese and French-Fried onions to your crock pot. Turn on low and cook for 3-4 hours until warmed and slightly thickened. Take a hand blender or emersion blender and blend for a few seconds until some of the kernels have been creamed. Turn off the crock pot, add Monterey Jack cheese and stir until folded in. Top with French Fried onions and serve. This dish is a staple for my family at all the holidays. Bon Appetit!