Powerview motorization for blinds and shades

Wireless operation for blinds shades and draperies are becoming more of a house hold item. You can set your blinds, shades and draperies to automatically open to the position you want all from the convenience of your iPhone or tablet. Closing them allows you to control energy waste during the hottest part of the day. Opening them at 5:30am to let the sunshine in and wake you naturally with our beautiful sunrises. We can program your shades to react to the outdoor conditions sun/wind to protect your patio or sunroom. Battery operated or hardwired Ambiance Home Interiors has the solution for your motorization needs.
Shutters and horizontal blinds can be motorized to conveniently tilt for privacy or light control.

Powerview motorization by Hunter Douglas

Honeycomb shades can be an effective way to keep your home’s interior from heating up with the harsh summer sun. In the winter months motorization can be an effective way to keep your heat loss to a minimum.

Screen shades and roller shades can be programmed to help with light control and energy efficiency. Closing them when the outdoor temperature reaches 80 degrees or closing them at 4pm when the sun is starting to heat up your living room.

Sheers and shadings are a perfect product for motorization. They can be lowered for total privacy, raised for the perfect view or when in the open position they protect your furniture, flooring and art work.

Draperies can be motorized for your home theater, creating the effect you are going out to the movies. Motorized draperies can be perfect for your bedroom. Opening by a wall switch located next to your bed so you can wake up to the beautiful Colorado mountains. We have the perfect solution for motorized draperies.
Let our window covering experts show you how to save time and money with motorization for your blinds, shades and draperies.