Honeycomb Shades & Cellular Shades by Hunter Douglas

Honeycomb shades have such a variety of pleat sizes, lifting systems, opacities and energy efficiency ratings choosing the right one for your home can be confusing. With their crisp modern pleats and precise fit, honeycombs can help solve a variety of problems for your windows. This will help you combine function with style for your new window coverings.

Pleat sizes vary from 3/8”, ¾” and 1 ½” pleat. Ambiance Home Interiors is here to help you select the best style to fit your window covering needs.

Honeycomb Shades Options

3/8” pleats are small in scale, so are best in smaller windows, French doors or windows with shallow depths. These pleats can look busy on larger windows, these are probably the least used of all the sizes.

3/4” pleats are the most popular cell size. These honeycombs fit the dimension of most window sizes. They are a unified look that can fit in wider openings up to 120” without having to split the fabric.

1 ½” pleats are modern, sleek and very stylish.


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Energy efficiency is one of the main benefits of honeycomb shades. According to the US Department of Energy, during the hottest summer months over half of the heat in a home comes in through windows. This can add 15-20 degrees to the interior of your home. This forces your air conditioner work 2-3 times harder. In the winter months, heat loss can account for as much as 10-15% of a heating bill. Hunter Douglas Duette Architella is by far the best insulator on the market. Their exclusive product has a double cell format one cell inside the other.

Operating systems are important for your honeycomb shades. Cordless are increasingly popular as they have no cords for children to get caught in. This makes the honeycomb very desirable for new families. Continuous cord loop can be good when dealing with larger windows as the headrail is able to distribute the weight over the shades so lifting a large shade can be much easier. Top down bottom up is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, you can let the light in the top and still have your privacy below. Hunter Douglas Powerview is also ideal for upper windows that are hard to reach and over bathtubs so you don’t have to crawl in and out of the tub to operate your shade.

Opacities for honeycombs vary from sheer, semi opaque to opaque. Sheer is nice when you want to protect your flooring and furniture and still see out of the shade. Semi opaque is ideal when you want to block the harsh Colorado sun, but still let light inside. Opaque are best suited for bedrooms and home theaters where you want as little light coming into the room as possible.

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