Ultra Violet is uplifting and brings hope to 2018.  This color is formed by melding blue and red together for a dramatic, thoughtful color.  We are drawn to this color for it’s creative, inspirational energy.  

5 ways to decorate with Ultra Violet in home décor.

  1. An upholstered bench in an entry way or a cozy blanket at the foot of your bed.  This rich vibrant color is sure to make a dramatic statement.
  2. Art will add a touch elegance and charm to your area.  A sleek framed painting with cascading purple Ombre adds a modern element.  Floral prints using a silver leaf finish is more traditional use for this color.  
  3. Wallpaper is a way to bring an artist’s touch to your space.  Having wallpaper as an accent wall can add an affordable way to add character to a room. Whether it is a classic elegance or a dramatic modern look, there are wallpapers to fit every style.  
  4. Area rugs can be a statement piece bringing bold patterns into a room, or just few threads in the area rug can start your baby steps toward decorating with this color.
  5. Blinds and shades can be a way to introduce Ultra Violet into your space.  Screen shades made with your own custom graphics, you supply the art and we will create your screen shade. If a subtler approach is needed we can create a custom roman shade, using banding to enhance your space.