Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is just around the corner. We all love entertaining family and friends and accidents happen, so lets address some of the most common holiday stains that mar floors, furniture, area rugs and fabrics.

Blood:  Oops, while trying to hurry to get that perfect turkey to the table for your starving guests, you cut your finger.  You try not to alarm anyone so you quickly wrap your finger in your shirt, apron or sweater. You then rush to the sink trying not to drip blood on your floors.  First, you need to run cool water over the fabric and then get your garment soaking in cold water for 30 minutes. You can also soak in white vinegar for 5-10 minutes. You need to use a heavy duty detergent that has enough enzymes to break down the blood, Tide and Persil are tough on stains.  You also can use a color safe bleach such as OxiClean or Clorox2 to make sure that tough stain is removed. Run on a normal cycle with cold water. Line dry. Please do not dry your garment on high heat as this will only set the stain in the fabric.

Gravy, grease or butter:  Start with rubbing alcohol or vodka (maybe a little sip to relax) pour on the greasy stain, let it stand for 20 minutes.  Using the same technique as above you will want to use heavy duty detergents to wash your table cloth or clothing. If you spill on your upholstered chair, dab the spot, do not rub as this will set the stain further into your upholstery.  You can try using baking soda or cornstarch on the area. Let it dry and vacuum residue. If these techniques don’t work call an expert carpet and upholstery cleaner, I have an amazing one if you need a referral.

Red wine:  Just as a guest enters into a food coma after your delicious meal, they do a head bob that startles the person next to them.  They turn to see what has caused the person next to them to slump and hit a glass of red wine and it spills onto your favorite table cloth. In all seriousness wine is one of the hardest stains to remove due to the sugars.  First try to pour regular table salt onto the stain. Let it set for 5 minutes and vacuum up. If the stain is still there try that step one more time. You can then try Wine Away(perfect hostess gift for the holiday’s)try one corner of the item to make sure it is color safe.  

Candle wax:  Place an ice cube in a baggie, this prevents a water stain, hold onto the wax  until it has hardened. Carefully scrape away as much as you can with a butter knife, not the carving knife that caused problems to begin with.  Then place a paper bag over the remaining stain and use a warm iron to liquify and soak up the remaining residue. Treat any remaining stain left behind with rubbing alcohol or launder with detergent and or Oxyclean.  Do not heat dry this will set the stain, line dry only.

Please to not wash or launder cushion covers or upholstery.  Take it from me, as I laundered one of my cushion covers on a hand wash setting.  It came out looking like I had drug it behind my car down the street. All of the seams came apart and frayed.  Luckily, I have the best upholsterer in Colorado and she was able to restore my cushion cover back to new.

Happy Holidays from Ambiance Home Interiors to yours.